How To Get Traffic From Facebook Groups Without Spamming?

First and foremost, Facebook needs no introduction. It is a social media platform within tons and tons of traffics. As at the last count, Facebook has over two billion users. Most, if not all, accounts on Facebook belong to one group or the other. Each of these groups has people of like minds who are members of these groups.

As a Blogger and content writer, you cannot get tons of traffic from Facebook groups without throwing your links around. In this article, I want to show you how you can use giveaways and active participants in group discussions to drive traffic to your group. If you are in a group and links from different blogs are just flying around, it is high time you exit such groups. I want to take time to tell you some of the reasons why you should join groups as a Blogger and then tell you how you can use a Facebook group to increase your traffic because we now consider some of the notable Facebook Groups for Bloggers.

  • Networking
  • SEO Tips
  • Traffic
  • Monetization
  • Backlinks

#1 Networking


If there is one reason why you should join a Facebook Group, it is the ability to network with other Bloggers. Through the groups, you can meet other Bloggers who have passed through the stage you are in. If you are not the type that will always want to prove that you know it all. Joining Facebook Groups related to Blogging will allow you to connect with other notable Bloggers that will change your Blogging career. I still believe that Facebook Group is one of the best ways to find thought leaders in your niche.

#2 SEO Tips

SEO Tips

There are many Bloggers out there that started Blogging without knowing anything about Search Engine Optimization. Many Bloggers do not know how to check their Alexa Rank, Ahref, Domain Rating, Domain Authority and Page Authority, among others. Majority of them do not know how to write quality content that will rank on a search engine. Joining Facebook Group to this category of Bloggers is like attending an online class. From these group posts, you can learn how to write articles that will rank on a search engine.

#3 Traffic

Like what I am about to show you in this article, you can get tons of traffic from Facebook Groups without spamming. Please note that spamming the Facebook groups with your links to get traffic to your website will only bring the Facebook axe on your shoulder. That is why you have to read this article to the very end to learn the legit way of driving traffic from Facebook Groups without spamming.

#4 Monetization


Facebook Group can also be one way of monetizing your blog provided you know how to do it the right way. For example, you have a High Domain Authority blog; you can sell Guest Posting slot on your blog for as much as #10 to $30 per post depending on how much your Domain Authority or Ahref Domain Rating is. You can also get people to sign up for your online courses or purchase your e-book or plugins though your Facebook Group.

#5 Backlinks

Facebook Groups is also one of the best places to generate backlinks to your blog. When I say this, I am not saying that you should go to Facebook groups and start soliciting for backlinks or exchanging links with others. You can get Guest Posts, either free or paid from different Facebook Pages. This will improve your authority and drive tons of new traffic to your website.

I want you to say that Facebook is fast becoming a sort of social media search engine. Suppose you do not know how to search through keywords. It is very easy to get lost. There are some groups that I never thought that they existed on Facebook, but one way or the other, I get to know about these groups through sheer luck. You can search for groups based on keywords. I want to state it here that most of the famous Bloggers who have Pages running also maintain Facebook Groups. The reason being that it is effortless to attract people of like minds to Groups than Pages.

After you might have searched for the group that you want becomes part of the group. It is time to engage with other members of that group. I will not advise that you start sharing your link immediately. You should follow topics in the group. It would help if you made meaningful contributions to group discussions. Though that you will start getting noticed. Make sure that your contributions are a mini-post of a mini-post that is enough to continue anyone you know much about the question asked.

After you might have created some level of familiarity in the group, the next thing you have to do to drive tons of traffic from that blog is to befriend the admins. This does not mean that you should start sending those direct messages. You can create a post to eulogize the admins. You can also specifically write a post to explain how some of their useful tips have helped your blogging career. With that, you have already created a slot for yourself in that group. This makes free access for your next giveaway offer.

The last step that you can do before you start your giveaway is to bribe the Group Admin. You can decide to send the giveaways and packages that feel they might need. You can give them a little “change” for their subscription. Through this, you are telling them that you appreciate their efforts.

If you look at some of the points I have listed, you will notice that they work best when trying to get traffic from a Facebook Group created by someone else. The best you could do for yourself as a Content writer is to create your group. Apart from the tons of traffic that you will drive to your blog, there are some other benefits of having your own Facebook Group relating to your niche. This include:

  • Traffic
  • Authority
  • Content Ideation
  • Data readers and Testers

#1 Traffic

I have mentioned it earlier that posting on Facebook Group will bring tons of traffic to your site, but you should expect an explosion in your traffic if you have decided to summon the courage and start your group. Most times, some of us do not have the patience to build a formidable Facebook Group that brings tons of traffic. That is why many preferred to join an already established Facebook Group. The only best thing you can do for yourself is to build your group that you have control over. The owner of the group that you are driving traffic can decide to kick you out without notice.

#2 Authority


If you want to build authority as a Blogger, you need to create a Facebook Group around your niche. Having a niche will show you how well you know your onions. With time, you will start seeing many of your followers giving you backlinks because there are some things that they have learned from you. Let me state it here that you have to devote substantial time to build your group. You should never see updating contents and discovering questions from your audience is a waste of time. It will save you a lot of time needed in building traffic.

#3 Content Ideation

Content Ideation

Another fact that you need to know about having your own Facebook Group is that it can help you generate content ideas for your blog. You can ask your followers to ask questions from these group members. You can create posts that you are going to share with your audience. This will push tons of traffic to your website as well. This can also assist you in building traffic to your website.

#4 Beta Readers and Testers

Beta Readers and Testers

Another opportunity you have with your Facebook Group is to use your followers as beta readers and testers. Let say, for example; you have an e-book that you are working on. You can decide to share the e-book with your audience to sample their opinions about the content. This will allow you to make all the necessary adjustments before the book’s final edition is being released to your target audience. This will enable you to see your errors, which would have discredited your e-book.

I would like to recommend some notable Facebook Groups that you can join such groups include Bloggers Helping Bloggers, Content Writers, Stupid Simple SEO, Blogging for New Bloggers, and Blogging with Purpose, Blogging and Earning, Share Your Blog Posts, Blog Promotion among others.

They might change their names or might not be available by the time you’re reading this post. But do check them out.

Wrapping Up

In this article so far, I have tried to look at some of the reasons why you should start your Facebook Group. It also explains some of the ways that you can drive traffic from other Facebook Group pages. You have to be selective when you are trying to create your Facebook Group. You also have to be very careful that you are not spamming Facebook through your links everywhere.

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