How to use Facebook Ads for Rental Property?

Facebook is always making buzz — and most of the time for the right reasons. And if you are struggling to rent out your apartment or house, then Facebook ads for rental property can give you just the solution sought.

As of January 2020, Facebook ranked as the largest social network worldwide. They had over 2.45 billion monthly users. Plus, you always have the benefit of connecting with friends and colleagues. They have more than 800 million monthly users.

In simple words, Facebook Marketplace is becoming a new way to rent things, including rental properties. It will be a waste of time, resources, and energy if you do not make the most of Facebook Marketplace to advertise a rental. There is a massive pool of potential tenants.

Yes, this is a free resource for the most part. If you have many listings or want to scale things at the next level, you can access their paid ads. So if you’re going to advertise Facebook ads for apartments, here is a step-by-step guide to listing a rental unit:

You can benefit by getting unique targeting options specific to property rental advertisers. In this reference, you also get the perfect chance to create an audience of people who searched for similar listings.

There are multiple ways to get your niche audience. These include:

  • Demographic targeting on Facebook (as per the age group you wish to rent out to like young couples or families)
  • Geographic targeting on Facebook (what is the vicinity or area from which you want tenants)
  • Interests (are you looking for tenants with a particular mindset)
  • Lookalike Audience Targeting (while not 100% effective, you can choose people based on affiliations, interest, gender, etc.)
  • Custom Audiences (combine different data available to reach out to your choice of tenants)
Step-by-step guide for using Facebook Ads for Rental Properties

If you want to rent your apartment to responsible homeowners who won’t be a nuisance and abide by your terms and conditions, FB might be the solution. Here’s a step-by-step guide on getting it right:

Step 1

The first step is to go to the official Facebook website and log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2

The next step is to type “MarketPlace” into the blank search bar. Once you do this, click the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the form.

Step 3

To get your Facebook ads for rental property, scroll through the search results list, and click the “Marketplace” application link.

Step 4

You have to select or click on “Post a Listing.” This is an option link available on the upper-right corner of the MarketPlace classifieds table that appears.

Step 5

The next step is using the drop-down bars. These bars appear in the pop-up window to provide your current location. Alongside, you also get a category for the classified. Finally, you have to give the site where the apartment is located. Post this, select “Rentals” for the listing category.

Step 6

In the next step, you have to click the drop-down bar next to “Subcategory” and select the “Apartments” option.

Step 7

To personalize your rental ad, you have to type a name for your apartment rental listing in the “Title” data form. The idea is that the classified advertisement’s content should be direct, concise, and straightforward. You don’t want people to waste their time. Get right to the point, and say what the listing is for.

For example, the differentiating factor in your ad is that you’ve mentioned more details like stunning interiors and views. This gives your ad more weight.

Step 8

After this, you should provide a brief explanation as to why you’re renting it out. Sometimes, the prospective tenant is unsure about why the renter wants to put a property on the market.

It is not really mandatory when posting Facebook ads for apartments, but an explanation can benefit potential renters.

Step 9

It is recommended that you also type a brief, detailed description of the apartment. Provide information that the tenant may be seeking like:

  • Monthly rental cost
  • Location, community amenities
  • Floor plan
  • Approximate square footage
  • Included appliances or utilities

Do try to add images or even videos. This helps the tenant make a decision or act faster.

Step 10

Once this step is completed, you have to press the “Browse” button at the bottom of the listing to add pictures for the apartment rental listing.

Step 11

Finally, you have just to review all the typed information and click the “Submit” action at the bottom of the listing. Once you do this, your ad is posted on the Facebook Marketplace. You can see the listing on your profile page, in your mini-feed, and in the Facebook marketplace.

Do remember that in a few cases, these listings could go to or appear on This is a classified site that is the powering source for the Facebook Marketplace application.

What can you expect next?

Now that you’ve posted your Facebook ads for rental property, prospective tenants interested in your listing can contact you directly via Facebook Messenger. Do remember that they are curious, and so a blanket question Facebook suggests would follow. It could be “Is this still available?” or even queries that you may have already answered during the listing process.

So be patient. Tenants choose to begin the conversation with what’s available or not. You can have a templated response for this. It includes whether it’s still available as well as the screening process and qualifications. Doing so will help you to eliminate unqualified tenants upfront. This process also allows you to engage in showings with qualified tenants.

Tips to consider when running FB Ads for your apartment

Do compare your listing for rental with other properties –

  • What are they charging or what’s their rental?
  • Do they have more benefits offered than you?

What about legalities?

  • Before posing the listing, make sure that you consult with a rental lawyer
  • Make sure your listing complies with local norms

Do not oversell:

  • Don’t promise things that you are not delivering
  • Don’t hype the condition of the house
  • If the house needs repair, fix it first!

If your Facebook ads for the rental property didn’t get much traction in the first go, don’t be disappointed. Facebook retargeting can generate an incredibly high return on investment. Research shows that retargeting brings back 26% of consumers, who might have otherwise been categorized as a lost sale.

Also, once rental properties come back on the listing, users recall it. This shows that your property is authentic. In particular, this plays an essential role in the Interest and Desire stages. These are dates where the potential renter has already become aware of your property. They are now considering if they want to dig deeper into the idea of becoming a resident.

Knowing the characteristics of your potential tenants well is a bonus. This way, you can very quickly create incredibly targeted ads. If you don’t have the information available, make most features like Lookalike Audiences and Retargeting.

As you start using the features more, you’ll notice a higher success rate — which can help you rent out properties at your desired rates and to the preferred target group!

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